Terms And Conditions

Read carefully breaking the rules may cause a account termination.

General Rules

1.1 Every server and cPanel webhosting are prohibited for : phishings , malwares , rat , spamming , botnets and any kind of viruses , also mining , crypto mining are prohibited.Every kind of abuse that is received from the datacenter hosting providers will be forwarded to the Client if The Client Dont Respons within 1-2 hours the server will be suspended and the money will not be refunded.

1.2 Based on the internet general rules every client has rights to have an cloud server age its not restricted.Servers are allowed for gaming servers , web hostings , programming , databases , cpanel/whm , windows softwares etc.. and many other kind of use depends on your work.

Licensing About Servers

1.1 All Windows OS Installation Comes Without License , You can purchase Windows License From Us That Will be an extra 5$ for Windows Retail Key , The key will be used only to activate your VPS/RDP you will Not Get any kind of Key for future use.

1.2 Linux OS Are Open Source and Licensing not needed for : Centos 6.5 , Centos 7.

1.3 cPanel Webhosting dont need any kind of License the price will be includes on the package.

1.4 We offer WHM installation for free but the license should be provided from the customer.

Payments Method & Refunds

1.1 We Accept The Following Payments Method : PayPal , PerfectMoney , and Bitcoins. PayPal Payments Comes with 30 Days money back guarantee , if you are unhappy we will refund your amount back to your account but the spended bandwidth will be calculated and it will be invoiced , any kind of refund fee will be in your behalf. The 30 days guarantee comes only for the first order , if you purchase more than one order the 30days money back will not be eligible. Any kind of fraud/falce payments the account will be terminated instantly. For Bitcoins and PerfectMoney the amount will not be refunded to your account the amount will remain into the Client Area Funds. After Bandwidth has reached the Limit , price per each 1TB would be 4$.

Data Protection and Backups

1.1 We dont do automatic backups any kind of operating system crash or mistakly deleted something from your server will not be recovered back up so please take care of your data. Also we are not allowed to request personal identification like passports , ids every client has rights to register an account with us.

1.2 We protect our servers with Data RAID Configurations Hardware not software , datas are good stored in SSD Drives , SSD Disks have a good and fast perfomance that makes your server to run smoothly and fast.

VPS & RDP Passwords

1.1 VPS Passwords Can be recovered anytime from your Client Area Control Panel.

1.2 Please Dont use weak passwords like : 1234 , password , 123456789 etc.. use more complex password with characters.

Confirm Rules

1.1 If you confirm those rules , you are fully allowed to purchase an server for us and thanks for your business we will be glad to assist you anytime , and offering 30 days money back guarante to reduce the money losing risk.

We use brand new technology

We always use NVMe SSDs and SSD Disk for better performance , our nodes are perfectly build with brand new hardware , like CPUs , RAMS , Motherboards .

RAID1 Data Protection

We always try our best to care data of our clients we protect our disks with RAID1 and RAID10 HP & SuperMicro Technology.